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How Paint Correction Works.

How Paint Correction Works.

Paint Correction Explained....
Using wood, sandpaper and peanut butter!

Paint correction is a confusing process and topic for many that are not involved in the car scene or detailing industry. Many videos have been posted showing paint scratches being polished to near perfection. But, do you really understand the difference between a ‘All In One’ product, a single step polish, a two step correction or a three step correction?

Most of us have sanded a piece of wood at some point in our life. I wanted to use something familiar to explain what is really happening during the paint correction process. It’s also important to know the difference between a quick polish and a multi-step correction. Are you getting what you paid for?

I hope this helps some of you understand not only the difference between these terms, but also which process you may need for your own vehicle.