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This FAQ is designed to help answer any questions our clients might have about paint correction, Ceramic Pro coatings & Xpel Paint Protection Film (PPF/clear bra). These processes are very intricate, so we’ve created the ultimate guide to help you understand the processes a bit more and give you honest answers to questions you may not have even thought of.

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Everything You Need to Know About 

What makes Polished Protection different?

Polished Protection is one of the first Ceramic Pro Flagship locations in the country. We have coated over 10,000+ cars, and we are the #1 Ceramic Pro Installer in Los Angeles County. Our founder, Nic Shangle, is considered an expert on paint correction and Ceramic Pro coatings. Opening his first detail business in 1999, he has been featured on television, newspaper, magazines and viral YouTube videos for his expertise. Our flagship store is prominently featured in numerous Ceramic Pro advertising videos. We have set the standard for paint correction, ceramic coating and clear bra/PPF in our area while maintaining a budget friendly pricing structure. We always pride ourselves on quality and customer service and continue to maintain our five-star status on Yelp with 300+ reviews. We look forward to showing you what has made us successful over the years. We would love to answer any questions or concerns you may have in deciding who to trust with your prized possession on wheels!

The following videos will give you an idea of what makes us different and what our shop looks like:

Everything You Need to Know About 
Paint Correction

What is paint correction?

Paint Correction is the process of leveling/removing swirl marks and scratches in the top layer of your paint’s finish. This process uses a machine buffer/polisher to remove defects in the paint such as bird poop, swirl marks/wash scratches, light scratches, scuffs, sanding marks, and water spots. Paint correction must be done with proper lighting to see all defects in the paint and to determine whether or not they have been fully removed. When paint correction is performed properly, the paint’s color, depth, metallic/pearl and over all gloss is drastically improved. Paint correction will permanently remove defects from the paint’s surface.

We made an in-depth video on this topic:

Are there different levels of paint correction?

We offer three different levels of paint correction (Essentials 1-Step, Premium 2-Step, and Polished 3-Step) depending on the color, age, and condition of the paint. These three stages are differentiated based on the methods, products and time required to polish the vehicle properly. Our 1-Step is meant only to enhance gloss and remove extremely light oxidation. Our 2-Step is our most popular choice and is meant to remove light/moderate wash scratches, swirls and defects. Our 3-Step is reserved for heavy oxidation, deeper random scratches and major defects in the paint.

We made an in-depth video on this topic:

Why is paint correction so popular now and why is it so important?

Paint correction has become so much more popular because of the recent ceramic coating movement in the last decade. Paint correction is quite different from a basic low-priced detail and here is why. A basic detail uses waxes and sealants that appear to make the vehicle look better when you pick it up, but after a few washes removes the fillers (in the waxes and sealants) from your paint, you will see the same scratches that were supposed to be removed. This is where paint correction differs. Paint correction removes the scratches by slowly leveling the defect from the paint. No fillers are utilized when properly performed by a highly trained professional. It’s crucial to get a paint correction service done before applying a ceramic coating because ceramic coatings are completely clear and do not have the ability to hide any defects in the paint like waxes and sealants do.

I’m confused, why would my new vehicle need paint correction?

Even though a new vehicle may have 0 miles on the odometer, this doesn’t always mean the paint will  look new. It may have been washed at least once at the dealership and has probably traveled thousands of miles to get to the dealership from the manufacturer, potentially uncovered. The paint could also have factory defects or lack a bit of luster/gloss because of new mass production painting methods. Paint correction can help fix all these issues and can get your paint looking better than new prior to protecting it with a long-term Ceramic Pro coating or applying Xpel PPF/Clear bra. Keep in mind (as mentioned in the previous paragraph) your brand-new car may look great at first because many of the vehicles sold at dealerships have been waxed to look as good as possible or potentially hide defects/swirl marks when selling. For these reasons, we will inspect the vehicle with you and discuss any findings

Is paint correction required before a ceramic coating?

Absolutely not. We will inspect the car with you, discuss our findings and educate you on what level of paint correction, if any, is needed to get the paint looking as new as possible. However, it is by no means required and will not affect the performance of the ceramic coating. Every client is different and it really just depends on what you are personally looking for when it comes to the way your paint looks in the sun. If you’re already satisfied with how your car looks, then we can most definitely skip to the next step and get your car protected.

Can I get an accurate quote on paint correction over the phone or email?

We can ask you some questions and view pictures you send us to give a ballpark quote. But, until we see the car in person in direct sunlight or with our high-powered lights, we will not be able to give you a 100% accurate recommendation on paint correction. When booking any paint protection service with us over the phone or through messages, we cannot guarantee what paint correction the vehicle may need until seeing it in person. That is why upon drop off, we will assess the actual needs of the painted surfaces with you prior to starting any services. We don’t want you to pay for something that is not necessary or have any confusion as to which defects will be removed by the services chosen.

Everything You Need to Know About 
Ceramic Pro Coatings

What is a Ceramic Pro Coating and what does it do?

Ceramic Pro is a nanoceramic coating made of titanium dioxide and silica dioxide that bonds to your paint on a molecular level. The nanoparticles fill in the pores of your paint permanently which helps to protect your car against environmental damage and create a hyper slick surface that’s incredibly easy to clean and maintain

What is a Ceramic Pro Coating and what does it do?

We hear this question a lot. There is not an easy answer. It very much depends on how much value you put on the appearance and longevity of your assets. I personally like my vehicle to look like it is worth the price that I paid for as long as possible. I would say the ease of cleaning is a huge selling point to the majority of our client’s, running a close second to retaining value and image.

We made an in depth video on this topic:

What makes Ceramic Pro different from other brands?

Ceramic Pro was designed from the very beginning with a “high solids” content and the ability to be multi-layered. What does this mean? Your vehicle’s paint job is a porous surface, meaning it has microscopic “peaks and valleys”. These valleys hold contaminants in them that oxidize/destroy your paint over time. After the paint is properly prepped, we are able to apply Ceramic Pro into these valleys. Since Ceramic Pro is designed to be layered, we can “stack the coating” in these valleys until your paint’s surface is level and create a sacrificial layer above your paint’s surface. This provides an extremely slick/hydrophobic surface that now provides more chemical resistance, element resistance, better ease of cleaning, and superior UV protection compared to other coatings on the market.

What does “9H” mean?

The term 9H stands for an industrialized measurement to determine the scratch resistance of a surface; not to be confused with the Mohs Hardness Scale. In this test measuring from 1H-9H, a lead pencil is dragged across a panel coated with Ceramic Pro at different pressures; 1H, 2H, 3H, and so on. The name, Ceramic Pro 9H, was derived from the fact that the coated panel did not scratch from the pencil under 9H pressure. For comparison, most automotive clear coats are between 2-3H.

Are Ceramic Pro coatings scratch/swirl proof?

The simple answer is no. Ceramic Pro coatings provide an extremely slick surface for your paint and therefore increases the scratch resistance of your paint; However, it is by no means completely scratch proof. Ceramic Pro 9H is a harder coating than your factory clear coat. So when layered in a gold package (4 layers), it does increase resistance to scratches penetrating your vehicle’s clear coat. But, that does not mean the coating itself will withstand the scratches. It is providing a sacrificial layer/barrier to protect the paint underneath. Paint is a highly reflective surface especially on darker vehicles. It is impossible to achieve a perfect swirl free finish long term no matter what coating is applied to the paint. The goal here is not to achieve perfection. We want to reduce or minimize any potential damage that can happen to the paint. There is nothing impenetrable available for paint at this time. Ceramic Pro coating is the best option.

What are the real benefits of Ceramic Pro Coatings?

For decades, we have used carnauba wax and synthetic sealants on paint. While they offered minimal UV protection, this protection didn’t last longer than 3-6 months and could be stripped off with a mild car wash soap. Ceramic Pro coating on the other hand are completely chemical resistant and cannot be stripped off with wash soap or chemicals. They can only be removed by abrasion or machine buffers. Because of this, they offer superior long-term UV protection for your paint (stops color fading), chemical resistance against environmental damage (stops staining and oxidation) and make cleaning and maintaining your vehicle’s exterior drastically faster and easier. Due to the hyper slick surface, your car will stay cleaner longer and cleaning it will be much easier. Think in terms of those non-stick pots & pans you may have in the kitchen for cooking. Much easier to clean, right? Same principal here.

+ UV Resistant 
+ Oxidation Resistant
+ Chemical Resistant
+ Ease of Cleaning
+ Superior Gloss
+ Anti-Graffiti

Does the coating protect against hard water spots?

Unfortunately, there is nothing on the market that can protect against hard water spots and this is something that is not covered under the warranty. Even glass which is a much less porous surface can still get water-spotted. Water spots are created from hard water that comes out of sprinklers, hoses, and any water source flowing through man-made pipes. When the water evaporates off the surfaces, har minerals and deposits are leftover on the surface. The coating can still get spots on top of it; However, removing these water spots is much easier with a coating than with bare unprotected paint. Note: Rain or condensation will not create water spots on your clean vehicle since it is completely pure. But, if you have a dirty vehicle that is rained on, it is recommended to wash it as soon as possible. Rainwater can activate the minerals/contaminants on a dirty vehicle’s surface. When the rain water evaporates, rings of these minerals/contaminants have now formed on the coating surface.

We made an in depth video on this topic:

Do I still need to wax my car?

You will never need to wax your car again with Ceramic Pro coating installed. Wax will not adhere to the ceramic coated surface. You can attempt to apply wax if you really like spending your weekend waxing your vehicle, but it will wash off next time you wash the vehicle. It is best to use specially formulated Si02infused soaps and detail sprays that do not have waxes in them. But, you can use any pH balanced wash soap.

We recommend our line of ceramic coating maintenance products:

How do I care for my ceramic coated vehicle?

Maintaining and caring for your newly ceramic coated vehicle couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is wash it when it is dirty. On most daily driven vehicles, we recommend weekly or bi-weekly washes. If you only drive your coated vehicle on the weekends, you will need to judge the amount of dirt on the surface to assess proper wash frequency. You must avoid automated car washes with the brushes that come in contact with the vehicle. These brushes spin at high speed and are rarely cleaned, so you are getting dirty brushes slapping against your paint that have cleaned hundreds, if not thousands, of vehicles before yours. Use of these automatic car washes will void the Ceramic Pro warranty. The following vehicle cleaning methods are acceptable to maintain Ceramic Pro’s warranty:

+ Touchless Wash
+ Hand Wash
+ Pressure Washer
+ Foam Cannon
+ Waterless Wash

We maintain our Ceramic Pro coated vehicles with our brand of specially formulated products that can be found at Polished Car Care ceramic coating maintenance products were developed with a chemist and extensive R&D prior to releasing them to the public. You don’t have to use these products to maintain your warranty. But, for optimal results we recommend it!

For proper wash methods, please watch our video here:

What does the Ceramic Pro warranty cover?

To put things simply, the warranty covers all environmental damage & coating performance. Environmental damages are things like bird droppings, tree sap, bugs, pollen, fallout, and other instances that might potentially stain the coating.  Coating performance includes hydrophobic properties such as water beading/sheeting & ease of cleaning. As mentioned before, water spots are not covered under the warranty since Ceramic Pro does not  consider them to be environmental. Water spots, which are created from minerals & deposits, come from man-made pipes such as the ones attached to sprinklers and garden hoses. Coating performance includes hydrophobic properties such as water beading/sheeting & ease of cleaning. Swirls and scratches are not covered under the warranty. Swirls and scratches typically come from improper wash/maintenance methods. Using proper coating maintenance methods as seen in our “proper wash method” video will minimize potential for these types of scratches on your coated vehicle. Note: If you do not wash your car at least once a month or live in a more contaminated environment, you may start to build up contamination faster & affect the ease of cleaning prematurely.

Why do I need a Ceramic Pro annual maintenance service?

You will need to have an annual maintenance service done yearly to maintain the full longevity of your coating warranty. Missing required annual maintenance service will result in a diminished warranty coverage period based on the warranty package originally installed. Think of the annual maintenance service like going to your dentist for your annual teeth cleaning. Even though you may do a fantastic job at brushing your teeth every day (washing your vehicle periodically), eventually you will still build up plaque in those hard to reach areas (contamination build-up on top of the coating). If your dentist offered a coating warranty on your teeth, they would probably ask to see that the teeth are being properly maintained annually. They would do a deep cleaning, verify proper maintenance, and you would feel a deeper clean that’s not normally achieved with your personal maintenance capabilities. They would give you feedback and any necessary advice prior to saying “see you next year!”. This is very similar to why we need to do a maintenance service on your vehicle annually. The annual maintenance detail does a much deeper cleaning than you’re able to do at home while washing your car or even taking it to a car wash. Our annual inspection ultimately resets the surface back to that glass-like smoothness you felt on day one of our application. Note: Annual maintenance service must be done within 30 days of the anniversary date of your original service, and failure to do so will void the Ceramic Pro warranty. However, we understand that life happens and we give you a 60-day grace period due to any potential scheduling issues.

We made an in depth video on this topic. You can watch it here:

How long does the annual maintenance service take?

The annual maintenance service takes anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on the size and current condition of the vehicle. You are welcome to wait in our customer lounge, or you can always drop off the car and pick it up later in the day.

How long does the annual maintenance service take?

We now have two options for the annual maintenance services:

Option 1 – Starting at $150.00 – 1-2 hours

Exterior wash 
Wheel faces cleaned (no barrels)
Painted surfaces inspected for water beading capabilities
Painted surfaces decontaminated/clayed (depending on extent of contamination)
Rehydrate paint with Ceramic Pro Sport 6 month spray coating
Exterior windows and side mirrors cleaned (no inside windows)

Option 2 – Starting at $230.00 – 2-3 hours

Interior vacuum on visible surfaces and trunk (if cleared of clutter)
Center console wiped down on visible surfaces
Exterior washed
Entire wheel cleaned (wheel faces, wheel barrels and inner fenders)
Painted surfaces inspected for water beading capabilities
Painted surfaces decontaminated/clayed (depending on extent of contamination)
Tires dressed 
Rehydrate paint with Ceramic Pro Sport 6 month spray coating
Exterior windows and side mirrors cleaned
Inside windows and mirrors cleaned 
All door jambs cleaned
Exhaust tips cleaned/polished

Everything You Need to Know About 


What is Xpel clear bra?

Xpel clear bra is a transparent, 8 mil thick, polyurethane film with an adhesive backing that is applied over painted surfaces for stone and debris impact protection. What is it really? It is a clear vinyl like film that protects your car against stone chips.

We made an in depth video on this topic. You can watch it here:

What is Xpel clear bra’s warranty?

Xpel warrants their paint protection film to be free of manufacturer defects for ten (10) years from the date of purchase. Covered defects include: 

+ Yellowing
+ Staining
+ Cracking
+ Blistering
+ Delaminating

What does Polished Protection guarantee?

We guarantee a proper installation. To provide this guarantee we exclusively use Xpel’s DAP software to plot the kits we install. We are factory trained on proper installation procedures at Xpel’s San Antonio, Texas Headquarters. While our installers are capable of doing full custom bulk installs, we have seen far better longevity for our clients by utilizing Xpel’s well known software to plot our kits in house.

If I get Xpel clear bra, do I need Ceramic Pro coating?

It is not required, but it is very strongly recommended. Clear bra comes with a durable clear coat. This clear coat even has some self-healing capabilities. But, as with all things exposed to the sun and elements, it does have a shorter life span without extra protection. Ceramic Pro makes a coating specifically formulated for clear bra. Ceramic Pro’s PPF & Vinyl coating provides the same superhydrophobic effects as their paint coatings. This helps to prevent staining and premature fading. This coating carries the same 10 year warranty as the clear bra film. The warranty guarantees optimal performance for up to 10 years (with annual maintenance services).

We made an in depth video on this topic. You can watch it here:

Should I worry about clear bra damaging my paint upon removal or install?

We call this “pulling paint” and it can happen anywhere you choose to have clear bra installed. It is a very rare occasion and 99% of our clients should not be too concerned. But! We like to give full disclosure before working on your vehicle. Paint is most likely to be “pulled” on vehicles with repainted panels. We highly recommend waiting at least 30 days after any repaint has been done prior to having clear bra installed

Does Polished Protection wrap ALL edges?

We extend and wrap edges that we believe are not prone to failure. Just because the material CAN be wrapped around some areas, does not mean it SHOULD be installed that way. Since we guarantee our installs, we don’t want to install something that we professionally believe is going to fail prematurely. We want to guide you to what is going to be the best value for your money and time. Since the clear bra film relies on a very small amount of adhesive to stay in place, certain edges and curves are best not wrapped.

Does Polished Protection disassemble my vehicle during install?

We do not disassemble your vehicle to install clear bra. We do not recommend wrapping edges that require disassembly. New vehicles are put together with a lot of clips and screws that only a factory trained tech should be removing with the proper tools. Since we do not employ factory trained techs from each different manufacturer, we don’t think disassembling your very complex vehicle is in either of our best interest (You should really question anyone that is willing to take that risk without proper training and certifications from each manufacturer). We may remove some emblems for installation. This is determined on a case-by-case basis and discussed with each client prior to any work being performed.

Does Xpel clear bra self-heal from all scratches and impact damage?

Absolutely not. Xpel clear bra DOES have an amazing self-healing capability, but it is LIMITED to light abrasion and scratches in the top coat. They do not guarantee any self-healing ability. It is strictly an added bonus over its main benefit of impact protection. They definitely do not guarantee that the film will stop all impacts or scratches. That being said, I have seen it stop some pretty amazing things that would have heavily damaged many cars. If we ceramic coat the film upon install, it greatly increases the longevity of the self-healing capabilities.

We made an in depth video on this topic. You can watch it here: