Is Paint Protection Film a Good Investment?

Today we are going to take a look at what could be the most important question to ask as a consumer. Is paint protection film a good investment?  There are a multitude of things to consider before purchasing PPF. How does clear bra protect my paint? What are the benefits? What does paint protection film protect against? Before making a conscious decision to purchase PPF, these questions should be inspected and considered. Paint protection film is growing immensely popular with consumers and auto enthusiasts alike. As we look at the many benefits of paint protection film, we hope it gives you an idea of what kind of consumer you are, and if this is the right investment for you.

What does paint protection film protect?

This might seem like a simple question to answer. You might think to yourself “my paint of course” However, if we think about paint protection film as a tool instead of a product, you might start to think about that question in another way. It goes without saying that paint protection film is just that, it is a film that protects your paint, but what else does it protect? Your investment in the vehicle you own! Whether you are a consumer who is looking to preserve the originality of your car or a person who needs a tool to ensure preservation for the purpose of reselling, clear bra is the answer. Your hard-earned money goes into purchasing a vehicle and maintaining it. These films give you the special opportunity to uphold the value of your vehicle, nothing becomes more costly to a vehicle owner than when damage occurs. Given the rising costs of what feels like every product on the market, this could lead you to spending hundreds of dollars on repairing a cosmetic issue if you are not prepared. There is a reason why paint protection film has become a household name, it is recommended by everybody and has large lists of pro’s. Are you interested in learning more about PPF? Visit our Blog page to read more articles about paint protection film. 

How does paint protection film protect?

Paint protection film acts like a safeguard against the harsh elements. Your vehicle’s paint can be susceptible to damage such as road debris, rock chips, even the sun’s harmful UV rays. Clear bra puts a layer of protection between the natural dangers of the outside world, and your vehicle’s paint. PPF is a polyurethane composite designed with durability in mind. It is specially formulated with self-healing properties as well. What does that mean for you? This means if a rock jumps up off the road and scratches the PPF (not your paint) the paint protection film goes to work. Internal fibers work together to absorb the surface scratch to make it invisible to the eye. Not only does PPF protect your paint, it maintains its clarity by itself! Protection and clarity paired with cutting-edge technology is how PPF protects your paint.

What does PPF protect against?

PPF protects against a few things. Even before you get into drive, PPF is hard at work. The sun’s harsh UV rays can be damaging your vehicle’s paint on a microscopic level. Depending on the weather conditions of where you live, the sun can play a vast role in the integral breakdown of your car’s paint. The sun emits harsh ultraviolet rays that hit your vehicle’s paint and breaks down the paint’s internal compounds. Years of this process unfolding can result in paint starting to oxidize and fade right before your eyes. A reason why when you see a car’s paint start to fail it usually starts on the roof, hood, and trunk! Paint protection film has the power to absorb the UV rays before they hit your car, just one of the scientific ways PPF protects. On the subject of natural weather affecting the integrity of paint, rain water is considered to be very harsh to the health of a vehicle’s paint. Rain water is considered “hard water” hard water is water with a high count of dissolved calcium and magnesium. When hard water hits your paint, the result is very harsh stains left behind. These stains are very hard to get rid of if left unattended. PPF blocks these hard waters from reaching your paint by putting a physical barrier between the two. If you ever had to deal with hard water spots on your car’s paint, you will understand how important it is to prevent it from happening. All aspects of how PPF protects are vital, however when people think PPF they think of protection against road debris, such as rock and small sharp objects. Creating a physical barrier between your paint and outside elements are the bones of how clear bra works. Rocks fly up, hit the clear bra and bounce off. Keeping the scratches on top of the clear bra keeps your paint staying fresh and healthy.

Who should invest in paint protection film?

No matter what type of driver you are and how you use your vehicle, paint protection film is hugely beneficial.  The question is, “should I invest in paint protection film?” our answer is YES. Now, the amount of PPF you should apply to your car is a deeper question dependent on how you use your vehicle. If you drive in town to get to work every day, and rarely use your vehicle, a basic clear bra package might be the choice for you. Offering front bumper and headlight protection might be all you need to protect your investment. If you are a weekend canyon warrior and want to protect the new sports car you picked up, perhaps a full coverage option would be for you. Full coverage PPF packages would be the ultimate protection as it covers the entire vehicle. Any thought of a paint damaging element can be put to rest, the PPF will fight off any trouble, and it will do it while looking good.  Paint protection film installation shops usually offer multiple tiers of PPF packages, Please visit our PPF page to figure out which packages we offer.

The benefits of PPF


The Ultimate Protection:


Create a barrier between the harsh outside elements and your vehicle’s paint. PPF is unlike any other paint protection product on the market today. Large pros with practically zero cons. For somebody looking for the best way to protect their vehicle’s paint, we can’t think of a better way to do it. 


Cutting-Edge Technology:

PPF shops near you will prepare clear bra to be put on your vehicle in one of two ways. Laying the films across your vehicle, then hand-cutting the shapes out to fit your vehicle. Here at Polished Protection, plotters and cutters, the second method for PPF preparation. Using major PPF brand names like Xpel here at the shop allow us to use their huge database of plotter files. This database has virtually every car and their shapes stored in one place, allowing us to cut films out precisely and safely before applying. This is hugely important because it allows us to take the risk factor of scratching your paint with a knife when applying PPF. Traditional hand cutting methods are known to be more vulnerable to scratches made by a PPF installer. This cuts that problem out completely.


Peace of Mind:

You get peace of mind! If you have invested your hard-earned money into obtaining the car of your dreams, the last thing you want to worry about is an outside element damaging your car. PPF eliminates 99.9% of that worry. Enjoy your vehicle with peace of mind, all the time.


Backed by a Manufacture’s Warranty: 

Manufacturer warranties are one of the huge bonuses you will receive when purchasing PPF. We use Xpel paint protection films here at the Polished Protection for a number of reasons. High quality, unmatched technology, and backings by the manufacturer. A 10-year warranty on all Xpel PPF products is something you can keep in your pocket for up to 10 years. If there are any indiscretions in the manufactures’ product they will cover it, where else will you find such a great warranty? To learn more about Xpel and their warranty, please visit their warranty page.

Is PPF a good investment?

Absolutely! We would recommend paint protection film to any type of driver. We believe it is better to be prepared with the tools to combat unexpected scratches and paint chips, than to wish you had them after the fact. You never know when a rock can bounce off the ground and hit your car, or that person who dings your door because they parked too close. To explore what kind of PPF packages we have here at Polished Protection, Please visit our paint protection film page. For more in depth questions, please give us a call! We would love to hear from you!