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Vital Questions to Ask Any Professional Ceramic Coating Installation Shop Near Long Beach, Ca

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Vital questions to ask any professional ceramic coating installation shop near Long Beach, Ca

Are you starting to do your research on ceramic coating installation for your vehicle? At Polished Protection, we understand that a complex process like ceramic coatings can be a daunting task to learn about. Even if you deep dive into the ceramic coating process itself, who can you trust to install a coating on your vehicle? In this article, we are going to be breaking down the most vital questions you can ask any ceramic coating installer near Long Beach. This list is designed to give you the tools needed to make a decision on which professional ceramic coating installer is right for you. If you have decided that your vehicle deserves a high quality product like Ceramic Pro coating, shouldn’t the installers be just as quality? We think so. Let’s break it down.

How long have you been installing ceramic coatings?

When making an informative decision on who to trust installing a ceramic coating on your vehicle, always ask this question! How long an installer has been applying ceramic coatings will give you insight into their experience. The saying practice makes perfect is exactly right. Every time a ceramic coating installer applies a coating, they gain experience towards becoming masters. The closer they get to becoming masters, the more it will benefit you, the consumer. Quality workmanship and peace of mind are the benefits you will receive when going with an experienced ceramic coating installer or shop. We recommend taking the time to find a ceramic coating shop with a lot of installations under their belt. Online reviews are another great way for consumers to find a reputable shop. You can find consumer reviews on Google Or Yelp that will give you insight into how these ceramic coating shops interact with their customers.

Are you licensed, insured, and certified ceramic coating installer?

The answer should be absolutely. These three attributes are the building blocks that make up a reputable ceramic coating installer. A license makes the shop a legitimate business. The insurance will provide the biggest relief to consumers against accidental vehicle damage. A certification will give the consumer peace of mind knowing that the ceramic coating installers are masters of these products. Searching for a reliable business to trust will start with one that is licensed, insured, and certified. Ask this question to protect yourself against future issues.

Do you prep my car before applying a ceramic coating?

Yes, is the only answer you should receive. Prep work is the most important part of the ceramic coating process. Without proper prep work, the only thing your ceramic coating will protect is a scratched surface. It should begin with a wash and clay bar, and almost always followed by paint correction. Once these steps are completed, your paint will be ready for a ceramic coating. Be sure to find out if the ceramic coating shop you are looking at preps your car, if so, how do they do it? And is it included?

Do you use major ceramic coating brands?

The answer should be “Yes” from any certified installer. A reputable shop should always use trustworthy ceramic coating brands. Like any product on the market, big brands have gotten a reputation through years of experience and quality. When it comes to applying something to your vehicle’s paint, we recommend going with a credible source. After all, the price of a vehicle can be immense, which would you rather have on your paint? Only the best shops have access to professional coatings. At Polished Protection, we use nothing but the best. Ceramic Pro is our brand of choice. Unmatched quality mixed with years of high performance makes this our go-to choice. We have earned a partnership with Ceramic Pro by providing expert quality installations on thousands of vehicles. Find out how we apply one of the best ceramic coating brands to your vehicle today!

Do you offer warranties on your ceramic coatings?

Yes, a ceramic coating without a warranty isn’t a professional grade ceramic coating at all. Only do business with shops that offer both a product warranty and a workmanship warranty. Ceramic coating warranties should be a staple in every ceramic coating package offered. The benefits of a warranty need no explanation, it provides a safety blanket between you, your money, and the service performed. But what about companies that are not offering a warranty? Work that is not confidently warrantied could lead to major issues down the road. If you purchase a ceramic coating just to have it underperform, where does that leave you? Always ask if the ceramic coating installer offers warranties. More protection equals less stress all around. When a reputable shop offers a warranty, it will usually come with different time lengths depending on the package purchased. For example, for our gold exterior package, we offer a lifetime warranty. We have different warranties for different packages. To learn more about our ceramic coating warranties, please visit our ceramic coating page here.

Do you offer check up appointments on ceramic coating installations?

100%! Annual inspections are actually required to maintain the warranty on a ceramic pro coating. Check up appointments are a win-win for ceramic coating shops and consumers. Ceramic coating installers get feedback in real time on their craftsmanship, and consumers get peace of mind knowing the product they purchased continues to be quality. Check-up appointments are designed to make sure everything provided is still up to par and being maintained properly. A ceramic coating shop that cares about the experience you have after leaving is one you can trust!


Ask these important questions to any ceramic coating installer near Long Beach, and we are sure you will find the right ceramic coating shop for you and your vehicle. If you are interested in learning more about Polished Protection and how we can ceramic coat your vehicle, please contact us today! For more information about past coatings we have installed, you can visit our gallery here. For immediate service, feel free to give us a call