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Paint Protection Film vs Ceramic Coating

With the rise of information and technology, one industry that is rapidly growing in popularity is the world of automotive paint protection. It’s no news that ever since the invention of the automobile, man has become a fanatic for the culture and when huge leaps in culture are struck, roots of subcultures are born. We are far from the days of helping your grandfather wash his car with a single bucket and some tin wax though. Ingenuity and creativity has led us to know more about keeping the cars we love in pristine condition longer than ever before. Even if you haven’t dipped your toes into the ever expanding world of paint protection, there are two names you might have heard of, paint protection film and ceramic coatings. What are these products ? What do they do? Are they similar? Today We are going to shed some light on the matter in hopes you have a better understanding of what these are and what they do. Let’s dive in.

What is paint protection film?

Paint protection film, also known as clear bra or ppf, is a thin clear film that is applied on top of your car’s paint to protect it from everyday roadway hazards. Rock chips, & rogue road debris can cause potential damage to your paint everytime you drive your car. Paint protection film can be considered a shield of sorts, like a bullet proof vest or a screen protector for your phone. It adds a layer of security or stopping power before a scratch or stone impact can damage your car’s paint. Why is this good? There are many benefits to consider, like resale value, longevity of your vehicle’s paint, and even driving style accommodations. There is now a product to help you drive more and worry less.

What is a ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings or paint coatings is another line of defense when it comes to protecting your vehicle’s paint. Unlike paint correction film, where you have a physical sheet applied on top of the paint, Ceramic coatings are a liquid that is applied by hand that chemically bonds itself to the paint. The appeal with ceramic coatings is its hydrophobic properties. Once a coating is applied water does not stick to the surface of the paint, it “beads”, allowing the water to roll off. Why this is a huge benefit is because the effects hard water has on your vehicle’s paint is extremely damaging. Hard water, such as the water that comes out of your garden hose has a hardness reading of 120 parts per million, where filtered “soft” water has a hardness reading of 15 parts per million. So in this case if the “bad” water can’t stick to your paint it can`t damage it! Other benefits include any contamination having a hard time sticking to the paint, bird droppings, dirt, grime will sit on the surface and not embed itself, making the washing process a lot easier.

How is paint protection film and ceramic coating different?

A common misunderstanding is that PPF & Ceramic Coatings are essentially the same thing. When in fact the only bond they share is the fact they are both paint protection products. Paint protection film is a transparent vehicle wrap designed to add a layer of protection from driving hazards that can cause knicks, chips, small dents & scratches. A ceramic coating is applied to protect your vehicle from the elements such as sun damage, water spots and other contaminants. A ceramic pro coating also makes exterior maintenance a breeze with its hydroponic properties. Ceramic coatings are sort of a clever science precaution, a way to understand the damages coming and adapt to best combat them. If rain water is the enemy, it simply will not allow the water to sit still. Both clear bra and ceramic coatings are protectors, but as you can see go about it in a completely different manner.

Which is the best? Clear bra or ceramic coatings?

When it comes to the subject of ppf vs ceramic coatings, here’s what to consider: what’s the application for? What do you wish to combat? If you asked us which one we would choose, truthfully… we choose both everytime. Now if this was a discussion of two items that are exactly the same, that wouldn’t be our answer. We would have to look at what dangers lie ahead and which product would we choose as our weapon. The truth is paint protection film and ceramic coatings protection your car in completely different ways, so why not double down on protecting your investment? What one lacks the other compliments, put them together and you have a personal paint bodyguard.

So which is better? Paint protection film or ceramic coating?

In conclusion both paint protection products are modern day marvels in the world of automotive paint protection. Both have great pros and little to no cons. The path for your vehicle’s paint really relies on its application, if you are one who enjoys the drive of a canyon and are worried about rock chips, road debris, or the sun on a long journey, perhaps paint protection film is for you. If you’re somebody who wants paint protection against the rain, or natural elements like bird droppings and mineral deposits, maybe ceramic coatings is where you should lean. Regardless of the choices you make, you can rest easy knowing these two products are state of the art in the industry.